Enhanced Support Guidelines: Problematic Sexual Behavior

Basic information for front line staff supporting individuals with problematic sexual behavior. Includes tips on structured environments, signs on what staff might see in people supported indicating issues requiring preemptive redirection to prevent escalation. Risky situations to be aware of and avoided. Importance of comprehensive clinical oversight to include clear communication with all support staff to include outpatient therapist. Updating all support staff on changes or updates to the positive behavioral support strategies. Mindful intervention and reporting of any issues. Key point is to provide people with coping skills and opportunities for success in managing their problematic behavior and keeping those around them safe.


About the Instructor

Cyndi Reinhardt is a North Carolina Licensed Professional Counselor who has been training adults for over 20 years. She has a passion for enhancing lives by providing tools for fostering an improved quality of supports for people across their life's journey.  This particular training comes from a personal experience struggling to effectively support her Mother with dementia.