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If you're looking for an excellent way to get new staff off to the right foot when providing support, Getting it Right is your answer. Want a way to train your staff to provide positive, quality support to the people in services? Are you in need of an AFFORDABLE and person centered curriculum NC approved alternative to physical intervention curriculum to replace NCI?

We have your solution- The “Getting it Right Curriculum”

  • NC approved for “Part A’ of the Rules

  • Meets all mandated general statutes and Rules concerning alternatives to physical interventions

  • Getting it Right is a positive, person-centered approach focusing on providing a higher quality of support that seeks to prevent and avoid situations where restrictive or physical interventions were once used

  • The concepts and techniques taught in the curriculum reduce instances of challenging behaviors and help increase the overall quality of life of persons supported

  • Instead of physical restraints, you will institute the use of a positive approach to supporting those we support

  • The Getting it Right: Alternatives to Restrictive Interventions curriculum represents a “best practices” approach to providing services

  • The curriculum content is highly interactive and contains exercises designed to assist the training participants in understanding the critical role they play in the lives of persons they support.

  • We offer a “Train the Trainer” format which is user-friendly, a turn key package, and a cost effective format with overheads/Powerpoint slides and exercises, ensuring that the trainer covers all state mandated competencies within the 12 hour curriculum. *

Interested? We will set up a training series in your area. Please contact Cyndi Reinhardt at (336) 460-1741 for more information.

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